Epic Mickey: World of Inspiration Wiki

To keep Epic Mickey: World of Inspiration a consistent and safe environment for all users, rules must be followed accordingly.

Wiki-Wide Rules

1. All users, including those within the administration, must follow and respect the rules of the wiki.

2. Follow the rules of the Fandom platform.

3. Respect the Administrators

4. Administrators have the right to give out fair punishments for rule breaking. Most infringements will be given a warning, however extreme cases of rule breaking will result in immediate punishment.

5. If a user feels their punishment is unfair, they are allowed block appeals.

6. Be respectful to other users and no bullying/harassment.

7. Please do not bring any drama from outside of the Wiki or Discord server.

8. No swearing or offensive slurs. Minor swearing will receive a warning but will eventually receive a short block. Any use of offensive slurs will result in immediate permanent ban.

9. Keep content relevant. Each page must have some sort of relevance to Epic Mickey in some way. While crossovers and original characters are generally acceptable, they must have a plausible background to count as "Epic Mickey" content.

10. No spamming. Spamming includes: repetitive or nonsense messages, exercise use of emojis, unwanted advertisements, or quickly creating several stub pages that don't meet the Style Guide. Any act of spamming will receive a warning, however if the spamming continues and it is found to be intentional then the spammer will receive a minor block.

11. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. Any gory, overly violent, suggestive, or sexual material in any form is highly punishable. Small instances will result in a long block, while major instances with result in a permanent ban.

12. No Illegal behavior.

Admin Rules

1. Do not abuse powers. Giving punishments to innocent users or giving unfair punishments could result in the loss of admin rights.

2. Be respectful to other admins and users. While users should give you the respect as an admin of the wiki, do not talk down others or try to force respect onto yourself as it will give a bad look to the wiki.

3. Any major changes being made to the wiki must be discussed within the Discussion section as an official proposal. Admins and user must come to an agreed verdict and the changes must then be announced within another post in the Discussions by another Admin.

4. Certain necessary changes can be applied to the rules if certain problems consistently happen.

Creating and Editing Article Rules

1. Before creating an article, please have familiarity with the style guide to keep the wiki looking consistent and professional.

2. Keep a clear distinction between canon information and fan content.

3. Do not edit on someone else's personal page unless you have permission to.

4. All fan content with Epic Mickey: World of Inspiration must have some semblance to the Epic Mickey series, whether that be characters, mechanics, locations, or entire games/mods.

5. All pages must have enough context and backstory behind them to be considered a fully realized concept. While it's fine to create an one-off content page, try to write them in a way that would make them believable to exist in Epic Mickey media (Ex: If it's an enemy-type character then explain what attacks it would perform and how it would need to be defeated, or if it's an NPC-type character then explain where they would live and what their role is).

6. Do not directly steal other users ideas. While there is the possibility of using the same official character or animatronic version of an official character, completely original ideas must not be taken from other users. If there is a concept that another user has made that you would like to use, ask that user in there Message Wall if you may use it.

7. There is zero tolerance for Vandalism. Deleting tons of information off of someone else's page or adding tons of vulgar content will count as vandalism and will either give a long block or a permanent ban.

8. Do not remove an Admin's edit. If you have any issues with an edit made by someone with the wiki administration, peacefully discuss it with them on their user talk page.

9. No edit wars. Peacefully discuss edits within a page's Discussion forum.

File Uploading Rules

1. Official artwork from the Epic Mickey series or any images from any other officia Disney media is to be used as such. Do not claim it as your own.

2. Don't upload someone else's fanart and claim it as your own. If you want to post someone's fanart on you Userpage or the Discussions, then please source the original artist.

3. No spam or NSFW content. Same as the previous rules about spam and NSFW content.

4. Please upload image files that have some relevancy to Epic Mickey.

5. Try to avoid uploading exact duplicates of files.

6. Try your best to add any images you upload to the pages you intend for them to be placed. Other users may not aways assume the exact place you want the image to go and may end up being deleted by admins. If an admin asks you to put these images somewhere and you continue not to, it might be considered as mild spam.

Types of Punishments

Punishments that can be given out depending on the severity of the rule breaking.

Pass - No punishment, for simple accidents or misunderstandings

1st Warning - No punishment

2nd Warning - No punishment

1st Small Block - 1 day

2nd Small Block - 3 days

1st Mild Block - 1 week

2nd Mild Block - 2 weeks

1st Long Block - 1 month

2nd Long Block - 2 months

Permanent Ban - Forever