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Eat Me Sketch, created by GoombaBroadcast and Remember4Ender.

The Eat Me Sketch is a Sketch introduced in Epic Mickey: Restored Edition. It grants the ability to either shrink the user to access small openings or grow the user for battle.


The Eat Me Sketch has the ability to either shrink or enlarge Mickey. If the cursor is aimed over a knothole, Mickey will shrink down for a limited amount of time in order to get through the hole before reverting back to normal.

During battle the cursor can be aimed right over Mickey allowing him to grow larger than other enemies, giving him better defense, and making his basic attacks more dangerous. However, there's also a small chance Mickey will shrink instead, making him immensely weaker. If this happens then Mickey's spin move will only cause him to get knocked back by othere enemies and the damage he will take will be higher. However one benefit is that he'll be much faster at running.

In Epic Mickey: Restored Edition

After Mickey arrives to the Overgrown Village and talks with the White Rabbit, he will eventually need to collect the Eat Me Sketch in order to navigate the Projector to Tugley Woods which is through a small knot hole. At Tugley Woods, Mickey will need to rely on the Eat Me Sketch's shrinking abilities as a Swoopwing steals his Brush.